My Dilemma

So my family has attended three open houses in the last two days.  As you would expect, there were some things that we liked and some things that we disliked about the different schools that we visited.

My dilemma is how to document those impressions on this forum.  I am not a journalist seeking to write objectively, I am just a dad sharing my experiences.  What I perceive to be weaknesses of a particular school might not be important or might even be considered to be strengths by other parents.  I do not wish to engage in criticizing any school, ranking schools, or debating which school is better in some marginally objective way.  I will not evangelize for any school.  Ultimately my family will select a school for my son (and later for my daughter), and I will share that decision.  However, I have learned enough at this stage of the process to know that selection of a school is a personal matter for a family that involves a whole host of factors, many of which have nothing to do with the school at all.

Ultimately, I have decided to limit my posts on my open house experiences to the following:

  • The process of evaluating schools
  • uniquely positive things that I observe about particular schools that I am researching–for example, I am already drafting a post about language immersion.  Stay tuned!

I am more than happy to privately discuss my impressions of specific schools.  Contact me or send me a direct message on twitter.


One Response to “My Dilemma”

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    […] several reasons, I think that the school itself is not going to work for my family.  [EDIT–Here's why I am not elaborating on that statement].  Even so, I am very happy that I went to the open house.  I am not an expert on childhood […]

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