Choice Criteria: Educational Quality

This kind of goes without saying.  We want our kids to be surrounded by a strong educational environment.  We don’t need to go to the best of the best of the best per se, but we want our kids to be challenged and pushed to a certain degree, more so than what the average school might offer.  For example, exposure to a foreign language in elementary school would be unusual and desirable for us, but not a make-or-break factor in our decision.


2 Responses to “Choice Criteria: Educational Quality”

  1. What The Heck is a Charter School Anyway? « Philly School Search Says:

    […] of community may suffer.  Presumably, the most compelling reason to go the charter route would be educational quality, though that may vary.  Many of the charters have specialties (especially in the upper grades), so […]

  2. Paradox of School Choice « Philly School Search Says:

    […] applying this philosophy.  I posted earlier about my choice criteria (diversity, community, educational quality) that I am taking into account alongside other non-school factors that I won’t be blogging […]

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