Choice Criteria: Community

It is important to us that our kids be part of a larger community.  We feel that part of growing and learning involves as much what goes on outside of school as it does in the classroom.  For that reason, we prefer city living for the cultural activities that it offers.   We are not ruling out suburban communities, but we will probably avoid the more far flung ones.

Another community consideration is the location of the students in the school that we choose.  In today’s hectic world, the time we have to dedicate to playdates and other community functions is limited.  If my kids’ friends are spread out all over the region, we are simply less likely to engage in activities with his friends.  This will result in a preference towards public schools in most cases, because the students will be geographically centered.  However, I suspect that there are a number of private schools that tend to draw their students from the surrounding community instead of the broader Philadelphia region.


3 Responses to “Choice Criteria: Community”

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